Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Positive None Of This Sounds Positive

"He’s a brilliant speaker and an inspiring figure, but his political programme is shallow and unsubstantiated. When one is able to discern a definite ‘Obama policy’, it tends to be illiberal and small-minded: for example, his camp, despite its criticisms of Bush’s fearmongering, ratchets up fear about terrorism in its own way, promises more Clinton-style ‘liberal interventionism’ around the world, and plans to reorganise American politics and the economy around the penny-pinching, horizon-lowering politics of global warming. However, it is important to distinguish between Obama the man and Obama the phenomenon.

Much of his support represents a healthy and positive reaction against the deep cynicism and fatalism of mainstream Western politics over the past decade and more. Obama supporters are not cultish slaves: they are people who have had enough of negative, fear-driven, small-minded politics, of both the Republican and Democratic variety, and now – as they keep telling usthey Want Change."

- Brendan O'Neill, of Spiked!, trying to spin the Obama cult talk

"Even blowing his nose, Obama gets applause"

- John McCormick, of The Swamp, proving why such spin is worthless

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