Wednesday, February 6, 2008

San Francisco's Sex Cult

"I'd come to the center to do research on what I'd heard was a sex cult, and by the looks of things the rumors weren't far off. In fact, as I'd entered the center on my way to class, I got the feeling my story was writing itself. I would talk about how the receptionists at the front desk had to stop groping one another in order to greet me, how the women looked younger than the men, and how all the signs of new age spirituality — earth tones, organic food, Birkenstocks — seemed a cover for what I sensed was actually a coven of perverts."
-- Justin Juul, being sucked in (!) much too easily while writing about the One Taste Urban Retreat Center, for The San Francisco Bay Guardian.

UPDATE: For more information on the One Taste cult, as well as any others, click on the tags adjoining, and below, the posts. --CMC

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