Friday, February 8, 2008

Watch Out: The Dummies Have A Smart Bomb

Folks, this "I told you so" stuff is getting embarrassing:

If ever there was any doubt about mass manipulation of the public by cults, this new Scientology video should finally put it to rest. These Nazis are working it, and it looks like they've got high-powered help from the likes of Oprah, and Russell Simmons's ex-wife, Kimora Lee, to get into the minds of fashion-forward black kids.

Is Russell Simmons involved? I know he's become a meditating, Self-Help selling, weirdo lately, and there's talk of Will and Jada Smith being Scientologists, too. The video was made in 2006, so who knows what's up? These fools have got two years on the rest of us:

Folks, this shit here is bad.

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