Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting The Full Picture Of "Dr." Wohlfahrt

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So I think this is the issue of Tonic Magazine that brought down "Doctor" Robert Wohlfahrt and my ex-wife, Karine Anne Brunck. It's kind of hard to tell because they don't print the whole issues online; just the covers. The cover reads "a doctor convicted of misconduct after death", which sounds like my boy, the "alternative practitioner", though I heard he was only suspended so far.

I'm wondering if there will be anything brought out about Robert Wohlfahrt and Kundalini Yoga, Ken Wilber, or Spiral Dynamics - or any of the other cultish crap Wohlfahrt was into when he got Karine to start doing things for him. I want the investigators to have as intimate a picture of this man as I - Karine Anne Brunck's former husband who, less than a month after her mother's death that we were, supposedly, grieving over - have had since I discovered he existed:

"--------salut ma petite exitée
je ressent bien ce que tu decris et notre kundalini nous exite a
n'importe quel moment meme pendant que tu fais la vaisselle et que je
m'approche de toi en catimini et te fais l'amour la debout alors que tu ne
peux rien faire de tes mains humides et que je decouvre avec joie que
tu es toute humide...
mais je veux j'exige deux choses de toi
d'abord le concret que tusente ton corps physiquement dans l'effort
qaue tu fasses du sport que tu transpire pas que du yoga que tu fasse
l'amour avec ton marit que tu te serves de tout cela pour notre non
rapprochement mais pour lancer notre energie dans le monde
et c'est la deuxieme chose que tu puisses lancer ce message dans le
monde palnter des grianes mm si on ne voit pas grandir mais lancer ce que
nous pensons etre bon et bien pour le monde generer de l'autonomei
comme tu le fait deja genenre des idées d'individualité et de coherances
sociales genere des idées d'amour

je t'embrasse bien fort je te fait fortement et puissament l'amour
que tu me sente te penetrer et que nous puissions jouir tous les deux
fortement la tete dans les etoiles"

Once the investigators, and the public, get the full picture, then they will know everything they need about how much "Doctor" Robert Wohlfart, and Karine Anne Brunck, care about medical ethics and his medical practice - but, also, how much these two think of anyone, like me, who relied on them to do the right thing when they considered others expendable to their needs.

Unfortunately for this morbid couple - just like the dead they are trying to defend against now - these cancer creeps never counted on anyone finding out, or ever having to publicly face:

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