Thursday, October 30, 2008

Uh-Oh: Gia's Gone Goofy - Again!!!

"Boston (MA) - Scientists at MIT have recorded a nearly simultaneous world-wide increase in methane levels. This is the first increase in ten years, and what baffles science is that this data contradicts theories stating man is the primary source of increase for this greenhouse gas. It takes about one full year for gases generated in the highly industrial northern hemisphere to cycle through and reach the southern hemisphere. However, since all worldwide levels rose simultaneously throughout the same year, it is now believed this may be part of a natural cycle in mother nature - and not the direct result of man's contributions."

Rick C. Hodgin, reporting more evidence the current science community has merely bought into the goofy cultish bullshit of hair-brained hippies of the '70s, for TG Daily.

Don't believe the hype - don't believe in anything - think along with:

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