Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Race Question Always Fucks Things Up

"Another one of Barack Obama's circle of pastors/friends/acquaintances/supporters (take your pick) is at it again.

The Rev. James Meeks, a key Obama supporter in Chicago's African American community, is calling for a student boycott on the first day of school to protest the "inequities" of Illinois' education funding.

His stunt is to bus as many Chicago public school students as possible on the first day of school to New Trier High School, which serves Chicago's wealthy North Shore suburbs. There, he'll try to enroll them, which Meeks knows won't happen because New Trier, like every other school in the state, serves students and taxpayers in its own district. But Meeks will get what he wants: TV cameras capturing the image of a New Trier official turning away black students, evoking memories of old time Southern segregationists, like George Wallace or Orville Faubus, standing in the school house door. Meeks promotes this despicable image by saying: "I want to keep kids out of the 'colored' schools. I don't want kids to have to go and drink from the 'colored' water fountain. I don't want them to use the 'colored' toilet or to have to sit at the 'colored' desk."

This is nasty business, suggesting that anyone who opposes his political agenda is a racist."

Dennis Byrne, showing how awful the mass media is by being almost alone in voicing what this site (almost all alone as well) has been railing about all along, but doing it as the seemingly unpopular Real Clear Politics

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