Tuesday, October 21, 2008


“I’m totally devastated that Guy’s turned out to be such a gold-digger.

I thought we’d been on a spiritual journey together for the past ten years — but obviously I was wrong. He’s just after my money.

I’ve worked my ass off for the last 30 years to get what I have, and now this gold-digger wants to take it from me.

Kabbalah philosophy teaches that you don’t take what you haven’t earned. Well that’s exactly what Guy is doing. He hasn’t earned a penny of it, yet wants to take, take, take.

He keeps upping his demands — he just wants more, and more, and more from me. It’s unbelievable.”

The Material Girl, shocked - shocked! - that (rather than being a boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up) what she and her husband earned together may be evenly split, and crying about it to The Sun

Do you think her plans to run off and have a baby with the newly "spiritual" A-Rod (who selfishly, and ruthlessly, left his own wife and kids for Madge) may have anything to do with Guy's harsh feelings?

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