Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Political Understatement Of The Day

"Save for his skin color, Obama doesn't represent anything novel."

Jonah Goldberg, saying what no one else is willing to say, and doing it in the Los Angeles Times


  1. True... however, that is still a lot more novelty than we have seen from any other presidential candidate over the last twenty years.

  2. I feel really depressed having to tell you this (I'm assuming you're an adult) but the election of a president isn't the place for "novelty".

  3. Nor is the election of a vice-president, yet...

  4. If you're talking about the woman who worked her way up through the PTA, the city council, mayor, and then governor, I don't get your point.

    If you're talking about crazy-statement-a-day Biden, then, welcome to the club.

  5. I'd vote for Palin to coordinate a third grade bake sale. Might even give her a good score in a swimsuit competition. But she don't got the chops to lead this country. The only people who never make mistakes are the ones who never do anything. Palin has managed to screw up before she ever had the chance to really do anything. But you go ahead and vote for her. Shes gonna lose anyway. And the so called conservatives will whine about it for 8 years, but they and you will be the only ones listening.

  6. Macho Response Election Special

    "...I will give you the abridged version, reminding you I'm rarely ever wrong about presidential elections...

    John McCain has always been about two things: honoring tradition - and change for his party. So... McCain will be the next president in a landslide. But (and this is that necessary rationality I talked about:) he's gonna have to reconnect with his P.O.W. attitude to get there: To stay in this thing to the end, allowing his opponents to shoot it out amongst themselves, until he's finally free to be greeted with a hero's welcome..."


    Is that your final answer?

  7. Yes.

    I'll admit I didn't forsee the media deciding to play such an ugly role (which could change the final numbers) but I did predict the Democratic Party would be it's own worst enemy - and (Hello, L.A. Times) that's been the case - so I'm still confident of a McCain victory. How much, now, is the only question. It may turn out to be a squeaker, may not.

    Today (which in this election is about all anyone can give you) this feels like a win for the "silent majority" - and they ain't stupid. I think the hubris of the Left is a turn-off, already, and with a week to go - and running an anti-American sleeper socialist - McCain's got a better shot than most think. According to the Left, he shouldn't even be in contention. So, yea:

    Barack will lose - by how much is the only question now.