Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Art Of Noise: Close To The Edit

This is a well-cut video, that makes it's political points in an entertaining manner, effectively adding elements from Penn & Teller's Bullshit and animation's Loony Tunes. I wish more political videos were made like this, because then, maybe, more people would pay attention to what someone who lies smoothly, like Obama, is actually saying. Watch it - and spread it around.

And don't be fooled: this election isn't over. There's still 10 days left, and it's never too late when you're fighting for a win, in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Defending a point to the end - and doing it well - that's being American, and easily one of the most rewarding aspects of:


  1. I think the writing is on the wall -- apparent when one reads conservative blogs and publications -- the party is going to tack hard to the right, explaining that McCain wasn't conservative enough, that Bush wasn't a real conservative, etc. There will be no real reckoning with the fact that the party's decision to become a southern evangelical party has been a demographic disaster and that [fill in the blank here -- young, gay, non-religious, black, feminist, pro-choice, hispanic, muslim, asian, urban, northern, coastal] people, by and large, want nothing to do with this ideology.

    I expect that the GOP will be cast into the wilderness as the party of the deep South, bits of Appalachia, the central plains states, Texas, and the small interior Rocky Mountain States.

    Not a winning coalition by any means.

  2. That's an odd thing to say, considering you're on a blog written by a black conservative.

    As far as this "cast out" talk, let's be clear: we might lose one election. This'll mean nothing more than that. The Dems have lost 7 out of the last 10. What we really see is them getting out of a head-lock, and a second wind, instead of their death. And they did it with the help of the media, which I think of as unfair (to the idea of elections) and dangerous (to the country). Whatever. Congress' popularity is still at record lows. And nothing says Obama will have a successful presidency either. (Nothing even says they'll win.) I mean, they ARE Democrats:

    Running things ain't exactly their strong suit.

  3. LBJ predicted that when the Civil Rights Act passed, the Dems would lose the South for a generation.

    He was right. Nixon saw his opportunity and the GOP has been relying on wedge issues and the "Solid South" to win elections ever since.

    Problem is, the demographics of this country have changed a lot in 40 years. With every successive election , Republican presidents have had to govern with increasingly narrow margins of victory. There just aren't as many snake handlers and John Birchers as there used to be.

    Now, even that looks like its not going to be enough. What we are watching now with this campaign are the death throes of the "Southern Strategy" - or its last hurrah, depending on your P.O.V.

    Whatever. Good riddance.