Thursday, October 30, 2008

"The One" Now Equals "The Gun"

Funny, what all the meanings of "change" can be, isn't it? It can mean merely something different and nice, but it can also stand for "disaster", or "catastrophe", or "irrational behavior". You know, like when you say, "Have you seen Bob? He's changed - and not for the better."

That's the problem when people "believe" vague pronouncements will bring "change" - they're vague words - and, thus, remain open to interpretation. To some, "change" means a time to pursue peace, and to others it means it's time to buy a gun - especially if the change-agent comes-a-callin' with racists, radicals, socialists, terrorists, and criminals - and the people who want peace are, like zombies, willing to ignore all that. But nobody else can. They're not part of the cult.

This blog has been dedicated to exposing the dangers of cults. Many times they end in death, and I've heard more than my share of Obama supporters saying they want to see a Civil War (something I haven't heard even one of my conservative friends say) so, if one pops off, I'll know why and who's to blame. The tragedy will be that it'll be because they "believe" it'll bring about "change", but, as I said, I don't think they understand what those words can mean.

One meaning is they can turn back now.

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