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Wed., Oct. 29th, 2008: TMR's Blog Day Of Defiance To The MSM's Obvious Media Bias

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It can't go on like this. No matter what the issue is in this election, if it involves Barack Obama lying to the American people, the MSM says it's not important because of the state of the economy - like anything a habitual liar could say about the economy automatically becomes truth because journalists say that's what the public wants to hear. Barack Obama is being sold to us as "the best thing since sliced bread" but he hasn't given us one startlingly brilliant idea yet. As a matter of fact, his ideas are the usual pedestrian, liberal, sop. He opposed the Iraq War, but so did almost the entire population of France. Should the French be elected our leaders? Considering the lack of intellectual mettle being applied to what Barack Obama says or does (and the extreme desire by journalists not to investigate what he's done already) is it any wonder astute observers have, repeatedly, referred to this lock-step phenomena as "The Cult of Obama" with no adequate response in return? (Sorry, folks, but anger, or a deer-in-the-headlights stare, doesn't cut it when you're talking about electing a habitual liar as President of the United States.)

So is Barack Obama a liar? Absolutely:

Barack Obama has lied every time he claimed to be able to give a tax cut to 95% of Americans. Barack Obama has lied about being willing to meet with John McCain over public financing for their campaigns. Barack Obama has lied about agreeing to 10 Townhall Meetings with John McCain. Barack Obama has lied about John McCain's record regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and his own role in the mortgage crisis.) Barack Obama has lied about his friendship with PLO operative Rashid Khalidi. Barack Obama has lied about his connections to ACORN. Barack Obama has lied about launching his political career in Bill Ayers' house, and the entire nature of that relationship. Barack Obama has lied when he said he didn't hear Jeremiah Wright spewing hatred, after claiming to have gone to Trinity Baptist Church "every week". Barack Obama has lied about what little executive experience he has, the results of those efforts, and so on. The words and actions of Barack Obama never match up.

If the American people want a habitual liar in the White House, then so be it, but first they have a right to know he is one - and the mainstream media is willingly denying them that option.

So The Macho Response is proposing Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 as a "Blog Day Of Defiance", when, for all of one day - no matter what the MSM's story of the day is, or the usual content of a specific blog - we bloggers band together to focus on one issue and one issue only: the inherent danger to our republic now that it's lost trust in the nation's journalistic integrity. The press has failed us, and since bloggers don't have the power to change their agenda, we can use what influence we have to shame the press itself.

I know of three journalists (every one of them Democrats) who have written seriously on this topic, and one Republican blogger, The Anchoress, who is equally troubled about what the future holds if the current situation becomes the status quo. The abdication of journalist's responsibility for what's in our major media, in favor of what those same "journalists" tell us people want to hear, is a cop-out that's gone on long enough; so TMR asks all the other bloggers out there, no matter your political or professional stripe, to join in this effort to be heard and make our feelings known:

A lie of omission is still a lie - and this one's gone on long enough.


Shouts out to Gateway Pundit readers.


If anyone out there has serious media connections (TV, radio, etc.) I'm plenty ready for my close-up. Meanwhile, please pass this post as far and wide as possible, in the name of:

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  1. If anyone out there has serious media connections (TV, radio, etc.) I'm plenty ready for my close-up.


    NEWSFLASH : Neoconservative crank with a free blogspot account feels excluded by the mainstream media! Story at 11.