Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Mother & Father God's Outer Space Satanic Splendor

Even though I'm read (and ignored) by some pretty big bloggers - some of the biggest - their disdain for me (because I nail them for things like quackery) means, long after I'd first mentioned it, Slate beats everyone else to the punch:

Oh, I don't know (and for the record, the "Blogfather," Glenn Reynolds, is definitely not troubled by it) though it's probably because Romney's wife, Ann Romney, is also a fan of, amongst other nonsense, The One Quackery To Rule Them All.

I mean, once you've gone that far "out there," anything is possible. Compared to homeopathy, Romney's love for the pseudoscience of "cold fusion" even seems tame - until you add all of his other screwy "beliefs" together with it - and then you're stuck with the portrait of a serious whackjob.

But, as Ann Romney is so fond of saying, we are so LUCKY to have weirdos like them running to lead our country.

Yes, electing another - and even bigger - NewAge head case to the highest office in the land seemed to be the Right's plan all along, much to my dismay:

And Glenn Reynolds - The Right's Great Informer - has still said nothing. 

 "God bless 'em," as the saying goes,...

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