Monday, September 17, 2012

Scary (Fear Of Music)

Is this review of The Killers' new album - AKA Mitt Romney's favorite band - really surprising?
It is the intensity with which [Mormon singer and chief songwriter Brandon] Flowers sings about dark emotions that, one suspects, will keep the Killers off the campaign trail. There is something deeply weird about his world view that is magnified by the high-strung intensity of his band’s playing. On the strangely lovely Be Still, the father of three sings a lullaby that would keep any child awake, trembling in fear for his/her future (“Life is short to say the least/ We’re in the belly of the beast”). If I were Romney, I’d be wary of getting too close to a band who make pop music so thrillingly odd.
The hints to Mormonism's cult weirdness are everywhere - as are the warnings to avoid letting them become known. After Obama's election, that's how presidential candidates are elected now:

 By keeping the citizenry in the dark. 

 Just like that trembling child,...

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