Friday, September 14, 2012

I Am "The Master" Of My Domain (The Cult Of One,...)

How much would you like to bet Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse (along with their respective "conservative" colleagues and readerships) were making phone calls shouting "bigotry"?
Unnamed Scientologists applied "lots of pressure" to stop The Master being made and have it changed once filming began, studio head Harvey Weinstein said. 
The film's director Paul Thomas Anderson has stated that The Master was partly based on L Ron Hubbard, who founded Scientology in the 1950s. 
The Church of Scientology has denied trying to block the film. 
Weinstein told BBC News: "We've had pressure and we've resisted pressure. Originally people said to me 'don't make it'. Lots of pressure. 
"And then, as we were making it, we had pressure to change it. Paul's not doing that and I didn't think he chose me [to work with] because I was going to acquiesce either." 
The movie tells the story of a cult leader known as The Master, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, and a troubled World War II veteran, played by Joaquin Phoenix, who is drawn into his world. 
It won awards for acting and directing after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival and is seen as an early contender for The Oscars. 
Asked about the reaction from Scientologists in Hollywood, Weinstein said: "I'm not going to get into names, but they feel strongly that they think it's a religion and as such they think the subject matter shouldn't be explored.

Wow - imagine that:

The same reaction Romney supporters have to anyone looking into Mormonism - isn't that weird?

To have two different "religions," with one openly labeled a "cult" while the other (conveniently) isn't - though they have almost everything in common - including the reactions of their respective supporters?

Could it be because the Mormon cult is seen as conservative and Scientology isn't?

I mean, as I've pointed out repeatedly, I've heard no cries of "bigotry" from Glenn Reynolds, Ann Althouse, Stacey McCain (who should know better) and Michelle Malkin when it comes to explorations into L. Ron Hubbard's malarky - only Joseph Smith's - and only now.

And, when it comes to fighting Islam, Reynolds even decided to change-up his long-standing "bigotry" dance enough to post this yesterday:

Why Defending Free Speech Is More Important than Criticizing Bigotry. The Obama crowd doesn’t care about free speech. Never has, never will.

Notice - after MONTHS of Reynolds & Co. crying whenever someone mentioned Romney's cockamamy "beliefs" - with Reynolds clearly leading the pack to his millions of readers - now it's the Obama crowd who "doesn’t care about free speech. Never has, never will."

And this is from supposedly a conservative, someone supposedly on "my side," though - I must admit - I understand Reynolds currently serves a much higher calling than any mere adherence to truth, logic, reality, or even the protection of our country:


Yeah - politics - just like the Democrats. Blatant lies, corruption, and hypocrisy, Be Thy Name,…

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