Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mormons and Scientologists Have NOTHING In Common

“They (his local LDS leaders) were upset by the fact that I was discussing the temple, which is connected to Mitt Romney in my article,” Twede told The Daily Beast. “I revealed things about the temple, and secrecy, and other things that they just don’t want anyone to talk about.”
So what does this "church" - but any church really - need "secrecy" for? Scientology needed it to hide the whole Xenu story, and how much abuse they were heaping on their followers.

Could Mormonism need to hide the fact their whole "prophets" deal is a racket? That they're still baptizing people against their will - and the will of their loved ones? How beholden Mitt Romney actually is to them? What are the Mormons hiding? Seriously - we might be electing one to office:

 What's the big secret?


  1. Well, there still is that nagging issue of polygamy, which never seems to go completely away.
    I think they had a trial in Utah a little while ago, where there was some talk of allowing it openly in the state, and then there's the admission that they don't have the manpower to hunt down the fundies who still practice (even with all the problems with others the fundies cause...and the fact that they have the manpower to be pretty hardcore on everyone else in that state).
    This also reminds me of an old boss, who was mainstream LDS, who came right out and admitted that he'd definitely practice polygamy if it was allowed; that what modern women needed was "good, traditional men" (ok, but I'm not sure at least my definition of that term and his lined up). At the time I was much younger and more nubile, and I had a husband that was deployed...I thought my boss -- who was middle aged, married, with kid -- was just being nice and supportive of the troops always asking how I was doing and how if there was anything I needed to let him know. After that comment, it all kinda gave me the creeps (rightly or wrongly, but it was made right in front of me so there's that). I left the job (which we needed the income) because it got to the point of hiding when he came about, because he was always striking up a conversation and it felt weird.

    Like I said, I've been around them -- some have been a-ok, but the lack of boundaries is always a problem, and it leads you to start being wary of them all.

  2. You know, PW, you're great - not only do you understand the terrain (you're not one of these people who has met one or two Mormons, thought they were "nice," and so assume life "under" them will be all hunky-dorry) but you'll say things, like mentioning "the lack of boundaries," that reminds me of other angles I'm aware of but have totally missed mentioning.

    Of course, none of this has done me any good - my readership has gone through the floor, with even some regular readers (like EBL) starting to sound kind of hostile - since we all want Obama gone - but, even if I was only left with you, it would be worth it:

    NewAge is an amorphous blob, but the Mormons are organized, so we've gotta do what we've gotta do.

    Thanks for being here - I sleep better.


  3. OFF-TOPIC Question of a closet gay birther, truther craziness nature - What do you make of this Chicago area gay political junky (Kevin DuJan), upset about Obama's tactics leading to the defeat of this gay man's preferred 2008 Democrat candidate (Hillary Clinton). Kevin DuJan points out hidden story positioning/juxtiposition on DrudgeReport that, from a gaydar standpoint, all point to wink-wink-nod-nod, Obama really is a closeted gay, speculating the only reason being the black community would turn on Obama if he came out. You have to visit http://hillbuzz.org/is-barack-obama-gay and just keep scrolling.

  4. Well thanks (although if you knew me personally, I'm not sure you'd find me all that great -- I know what I am, and it isn't pretty; that's just an honest assessment and no bullshit either).

    You're all right too Mr. Crack.


    *ah, EBL will get over it; she's sharp -- just really, really wants Obama out; can't say that I blame her; I think this election is really pointing out what we're most afraid of...that's always the thing we hate the most, and we'll make a deal with the devil and we'll listen to the demons to be rid of it...it's a human reaction, that's all...so it goes