Monday, September 10, 2012

I Haven't Met A Woman In Years I'd Talk To For Seconds

I'm now so far ahead of the curve it looks like a drag strip:
NEXT time a man throws you an admiring glance, he’s probably just heard the intelligent things you’ve been saying. 
Many women will find it hard to believe, but new research suggests men increasingly value intellect and character in a partner over a shapely figure.

The question is, what constitutes "intellect and character" today? It's definitely not one of these "alternative" medicine morons (How can you have good character while contributing to a fraud?) playing follow-the-leader by paying too much at Whole Foods and dutifully attending yoga class.

No, today, attractive women are few-and-far between, with most unable to define themselves as anything other than what's already been defined by others - and that's NEVER going to be smart.
Apparently, traditional wifely skills such as being a good cook are also becoming less important to modern men, British scientists claim.

Does any woman out there have anything truly interesting to say, or is it all a regurgitation of unsubstantiated feminist nonsense about being "a strong and independent woman"? (What's the point of seeking commitment if you're always asserting your independence?) Women today are more confused than ever and, personally, I don't expect that to change:
Women now tend to be more interested in a man’s looks than before,...
Nope, as these things go, I really don't hold out a lot of hope for great mental leaps anytime soon,…


  1. I'll take a stab at this:
    People are messed up. Not messed up in the usual sense of "oh, modern people", but because they've bought into that -- people have always been messed up, we just think that somehow this era is special (meaning we're special)so they buy into it, which really does make them more messed up. It's as you say, navel gazing at its best -- and when people engage in it for too long then they get up to way too many goofy ass things.
    Notice I said "people" not women. I think most of the men I've met have the same problem. Women are just the canaries in the coal mine (I think history proves me out on this). Probably has something to do with the differences in how women and men think; perhaps it just shows up in women first, but the men were just as screwy all along too). Wish people would just let this identity by outside proxy shit go.
    It's ironic that "strong and independent" are the catch phrases of today, because most people today are just about as wrongfooted on that as we could ever be -- engaging in huge dependencies (both physical and mental) while working towards, boasting about this vaunted strength and independence their supposed to have (which at least our forebears, who could be truly strong and independent because they managed to survive, could have told them was a huge, old crock; that they've got it all wrong in how to go about it).
    If all this sounds like operant conditioning, well, there might be something to it, and no it isn't new imhao.
    Anyway, that's some of my miasma of thoughts on this. I'm a woman of racially/ethnically mixed DNA and white outward appearance (which means my small town knew and acted accordingly but the big, outside world didn't and acted accordingly) -- who's been a homeless teenager (as well as a kid who had a lot of priviledges -- it was a funny life, on one hand private schools and "cultural enrichment", on the other two parents with PTSD and alcoholism, and in a Mayberry with yearly trips to the big city no less!)from a messed up home; talk about schizo. I appreciate good food, a cozy home, and having some people around me (knowing full well I can't expect to be completely reliant upon them, because you can't be, but the little I can -- well, it's better than nothing, and that's really all you can expect anyway...makes you want to return the favor, so there I've been lucky). And married to the (his words) "most humble and funniest SOB you'll ever meet sweetheart", which is also pretty damn nice, and which yes, he is. And nobody is ever going to achieve "complete understanding" of that nor do i want them's not theirs anyway, just try to recognize where I'm trying to come from...and that's the key to all this: everybody wants complete understanding, nobody wants to just recognize; the first is impossible and crazy, the second a person could actually accomplish.