Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This Is A Nation Of Idiots (Because Nobody's Laughing)

I recently did a post called "I Haven't Met A Woman In Years I'd Talk To For Seconds" (and I'll even throw in my Oprah post, "Who Made Her The Richest Woman In The World Again?") which, I'm sure, some would call sexist or misogynist or some such, simply because it was critical of women - and we all know you can't do that without hating them, right? Sure.

Let's call the clip above Exhibit "A". Here are two widely-admired women (though I don't know why) Katie Couric and Sheryl Crow, who are famous (for some unknown reason) rich (beyond all reason) accomplished (by conventional standards) and seen as intelligent (which this clip should've destroyed) as they're prattling nonsensically like a couple of brain-dead idiots.

Sincerely, if you want to know what's wrong with not only women but this country, it can be summed up best by the studio audience's complete lack of hysterical laughter. You heard me right:

It's not just that no one even giggled, but that not one person watching didn't burst out with "BWAAAAA_HA-HA-HA-HA!" complete with pointing and something along the lines of "Are you kidding?"

Moreover, that Katie Couric and her producer watched this, and didn't immediately decide it was too stupid to put on the air, is such a damning statement about the so-called "collective intelligence" out there as to be shameful.

I'd explain all the reasons why but - sincerely - I don't think anyone will get it or care, so,...whatever:

Go on listening to a misinformed nutjob, who once suggested the rest of us should be limited to three squares of toilet paper, if you want to - and the grinning fool who would host such people - just do it without me,...

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  1. These (two women) are just examples of why I do not watch tv anymore...and even documentaries are starting to become a hassle (do you know how hard it's gotten to find even decent documentaries to watch in the last 15 years? and that the halfway good ones that used to be out there are impossible to locate? almost makes me start thinking conspiracy, which is no nuttier than any other conspiracy theory really).

    Anyway, I have never really paid much attention to Mz. Crow -- but I do remember seeing some footage of her once...really dingy broad. She has not let us all down in that department I see.