Saturday, September 29, 2012

"What Is Beautiful And Wonderful About Human Life Is Full Of Inaccuracies And Distortions" - Ann Althouse

It's all very simple now, as it always is in times of war:

There are those who care and those who don't; those who grasp the big picture, and those who fight to save only themselves.

Can anyone save the GOP? After Mitt, Republicans will need a sane leader to drag them back to reality. Problem is, they don't do sane

When I see a story like, "Husband 'shot his neighbour because he believed he'd telepathically raped his wife," I don't think only of the individual horror, but of a society that hardly labored to disabuse anyone of insanity, so such a crime rarely happens. In this way, as far as I'm concerned, while everyone else merely points and laughs after the fact - they, too, have played a role in the mayhem.

Unless caught in the act, it can take people years - decades - to come to terms with their own stupidity. And, even then, they may never apologize or try to make amends. They just leave the broken bits in their wake, and the worst part is, everyone else lets them get away with it.

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