Monday, September 17, 2012

In-Genius (Outsider)

I could be wrong, but I think it was William F. Buckley who said he could pick almost any name out of the phone book and they'd probably do a better job at running things than the average politician. Well, wrong on who first said it or not, here's your proof it's accurate - and I'm just glad (as a cellphone owner) I'm not in the book for Romney to catch up with - because it, clearly, takes those fools forever to get a clue.

What do I mean? Like an old queen, it looks like reality is finally sticking it's head above water, forcing Romney's chief strategist to prove he's smarter than, at least, the campaign so far - and it's flailing army of wickedly brain-dead-stubborn supporters:
Mitt Romney, sensing an opening in the Middle East mess and catching flak from conservatives for giving too little detail about his policy plans, is rolling out a new and broader strategy to make the election a referendum on “status quo versus change,” chief strategist Stuart Stevens told POLITICO. 
The shift, which is to include much more emphasis on Romney’s policy prescriptions, means he is scrapping the most basic precept of his campaign. From the time he began contemplating running again after his loss in the 2008 primaries, Romney’s theory of the case has been a relentless and nearly exclusive focus on the listless economy. 
But with polls showing Obama for the first time moving clearly ahead in important swing states— most notably, Ohio—Romney advisers concluded they had to make a painful course correction. 
Stevens said the economy is likely to remain “the dominant focus” of the campaign. But ads and speeches will focus on a wider array of issues, including foreign policy, the threat from China, debt and the tone in Washington.

So, ho, ho! Our illustrious office of President Of The United States now IS about more than just "the economy" after all - why, imagine that! You'd think, with so many "intelligent people" around conservative circles (sarc) SOMEBODY would've figured that out before now (sarc again).

If - I repeat: IF - they were ever thinking seriously about anything important at all. 

I know, I know:

All those BIG BRAINS were just getting too distracted to focus,…

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