Friday, September 14, 2012

There's Enough Security (But Enough Insane Asylums?)

A couple of days ago, I worked for 10 hours side-by-side with a woman who had the most open, kind, and happy face. I was all "Alright!"

But, before long, she had a scowl on it, and - without prompting - was informing me of the coming Armageddon, man's "destruction," and how good it was because Jesus would finally be returning (she deduced I didn't understand this because I told her I don't watch much TV,...) and it was all in the Bible and The Lord's Prayer which said:

 "Hallowed be thy name/Thy Kingdom COME,..." 

 Then I got home to hear there are religious fanatics overseas. 

 All I could think was, "small world,"...

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  1. Sigh, there are those that are calling for "a new Crusade" -- somehow seeming to forget that this is not the 13th century and we aren't fighting with swords and battle axes anymore.
    I also notice that many of these do not have family in the armed services, no matter how much they like to wrap themselves in the flag...they also do not want their standard of living to suffer in any way as well. This is hardly rational thinking; it's quite illogical even. What they are calling for.

    And of course, they are the special, holy ones that will undoubtedly be raptured up into God's chosen host before things get really bad (even though that whole notion was the result of 19th century spiritualist thinking ala Joe Smith, and has very little real basis in actual Christian scripture and nothing at all to do with any common sense).

    At this point, what is there to say but, heh, "God help us!"