Monday, September 24, 2012

You Really Can Get "In" Through The "Out" Door,...

I ran into Scientology and stayed there for 12 years, which is a whole lot more embarrassing than saying “Hi, I’m transsexual.”
-- Kate Bornstein, the former "first mate" to L. Ron Hubbard (emphasis mine)

In the last two years there have been 10 cult-themed movies released, starting with David Wants To Fly and ending with The Master, but, while all of them covers a different kind of cult, and takes a different approach to the issue - everything from deep comedy to deadly serious - there are two messages they have in common:

The false nature of what cults offer, and/or - most importantly - the need to get out.

There are other recurring themes as well, all of them counter-intuitive to the positive messages we've been told are the benefits of participation in such "communities." I'd go through them all but am short of time today, so will only give you this one for now:

All of the cults depicted radiate sex, and love, of some kind - there's not a hateful or Satan-worshipping group in the lot of them - but, still, it's emotional engagement that's found to be phony and, ultimately, harmful to the participants.

Consider that, as you insist on the projected good and wholesome nature of Mormonism, or defend the freedom of it (and other groups) to be able to flourish under our noses. Or consider what wider influence they've been having on a once strong country, brought to it's knees based on what is, quite apparently, it's own desire to dance with folly, if not the Devil. Face it:

Cultism is so last century.

I'll see you later,...

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