Monday, September 10, 2012

Leading "A Cult Of One" Is Fine (Since I'm Not In Yours)

These fools keep sprinkling this shit out, in bits-and-pieces, while TMR has been comprehensive about it from the start - here's the latest admission:

Naomi Wolf’s New Book About Her Vagina 
It’s as ludicrous as you think it is. 
I doubt the most brilliant novelist in the world could have created a more skewering satire of Naomi Wolf’s career than her latest book, Vagina: A Biography. One the most prominent feminists in the country writes about her failure to see Technicolor after having sex—“the colors were just colors—they did not pulsate after lovemaking anymore”? And her subsequent painful spinal operation that restored the “pulsating colors”? A book in which she calls the vagina “the goddess” and has the revelation that the vagina “is a gateway to, and medium of, female self-knowledge and consciousness themselves”? It would be hard to write a parody more effective, more sublime, than this. 
But to back up: The very public story of how Naomi Wolf went from a bright, promising Rhodes Scholar to this inventive variety of navel-gazer tells us some uncomfortable things about the culture and more specifically, the media. There is a way in which bookers on television shows, consumers of magazines, publicists, television viewers, blockbuster book buyers, and Amazon reviewers are implicated in what Naomi Wolf has become.

Do I have to go over it all again? Naomi Wolf? Feminism? Vaginas? Anything featuring the word "Goddess"? A culture out of it's collective mind - or "consciousness" as the case may be? Really?

Am I the only person in the Western world who's focused on The NewAge Movement and has said - clearly, openly, and loudly - this is the problem with us now? This is why nothing is working out? This is why we can't move forward? This is why, even when we try to "do the right thing," we're doing the wrong thing - just like in the movie?

Oh sure, these other folks will laugh about "Gaia," or whatever, but how many are putting all this NewAge nonsense together - and nailing the whole thing? Anybody? Or rather, anybody ELSE?

Is anybody else tripping as we prop up cultists as media mavens? I mean, specifically because we're propping up cultists as media mavens? How about as elected officials? Leaders in "medicine"? Is there anyone else looking at our entire culture, square in the eye, and seeing it's mad?

No - these other folks will say something about this, and then say something about that, leaving everyone to think the whole is fine,…except for this occasional blip on the screen that's out of whack. Sorry, kids, but it's ALL OUT OF WHACK and I've told you why - repeatedly.

Even people we're sold as rock-solid are completely fucking bonkers, like Glen Reynolds promoting Lucid Dreaming, or absolutely ANYBODY behind Mitt Jesus-Is-Returning-To-Missouri Romney. 

You're all fucking crazy. 

 And most of you live for nothing more than torturing anyone who isn't part of it. And then you wonder why I talk about cults so often:

 Our country is just one big one now,…

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