Friday, September 28, 2012

Romney's Multi-Million Dollar Two-Headed Black Baby

Wow - and this comment appears on the same day Politico runs a piece saying, "In the end, it's Mitt Romney" - and you know what? It is.

It can't be Mormonism because none of these lying fuckers will talk about that. 

But it's not just Mitt Romney. Look, I'm going to do all you losers a favor, and treat you better than you treat me. You know, being fair and all the rest of that shit Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse - like Mitt Romney - don't understand instinctively. They (and their regular parade of ass-kissers) want to push this bullshit meme - that the mean ol' mainstream media just won't play fair with their guy - when the truth is their guy sucks as much as they do, and for many of the same reasons, starting with being delusional:

I'd think, with how "beautiful and wonderful" Ann finds "inaccuracies and distortions," she'd be positively swooning to this supposed-betrayal by the MSM, wouldn't you?

And you know what? As I read that claim again - that "inaccuracies and distortions" are "beautiful and wonderful" - it pisses me off so bad, all over again, that I'm NOT going to be fair.

I was going to state what's going wrong with Romney's campaign - and how to fix it - but fuck that. Because that would be the (horrendously ugly) truth. No:

The Romney Campaign and will either live or die based on "inaccuracies and distortions" (perceived or imagined) and, while either outcome will be proof of what ethical lifelessness these chumpies hold at their core, my payoff will come if they lose and I can witness how "beautiful and wonderful" Ann thinks it is - while living with Meade - who I KNOW wants Romney to win.

I'm popping up the popcorn now.

One of these days this corrosive clique of lousy law professors are going to learn that what they say matters - if not to them, then to us out here in the cheap seats - so they better get their heads straight:

 If you bitches don't give a damn, nobody else has to either,...


  1. Someone needs to school Ms. Althouse that it is the "flaws and imperfections" of individual nature that can become beautiful IF they are confronted by the individual steadfastly cleaving to, working towards the solid truth, which will never overcome the imperfections but at least will go far in combatting the inconsistencies and in so doing they attain some grace/beauty/truth. Nothing is perfect in this world, but that does not limit us to just accepting the inconsistencies, the lies, the cheating, let alone rejoicing in them -- which just makes the flaws and imperfections more flawed and imperfect, more ugly. This is the true nature of life, and especially art -- at least as far as I was taught about those things.

    Where the heck did she learn ethics and philosophy at? I kinda figure where Mitt learned his from, and that lies at the core of what his (and his campaign's) problems lie (as well as with us, because we allowed it and are now, many of us, celebrating or making excuses for). To be fair, it's the same issue I have with Obama...and the Oprahaddicts. Blech.


    *keep up the good work, go get 'em...if not for anything's sake but for art/truth/beauty/ethics/morality, which have taken a drubbing, most unfairly, from all sides

  2. LOL! My young son watched that clip and made the most exact comment: Mitt and Ann Romney do not wear their wealth well, and that's one of their problems along with being really weird and creepy.
    My barely teenage son is showing more insight and honesty than a bunch of smart guys and gals in the kool kidz klub...sad, just sad, hahahha!