Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mormons Engaged In Voter Fraud For Mitt Romney

They are so attractive, so clean-cut - and so "nice" - but, still, up to no good. Sigh. When will people learn?

Adults, especially, should know appearances aren't everything - didn't we (or some of us at least) just learn that, in the last go 'round, with Obama? And yet - and yet - the Republicans have deemed it necessary to do the exact same things, that rightly pissed them off, in order to win.

Now they, too, are going to manipulate us into raising their cult to power - but they'll just look better doing it? Great. The desire for deception - a Mormon mainstay - is their cowardice manifested. Talk about thinking the voters are stupid.

 Yeah, hide your face, Honey. 


  1. So what is the back story on this video? Who, what, where, when?

  2. The spin is hot and heavy, but this much is clear:

    The woman who made the video has been attacked by the Republicans as "a campaign operative" of the Democratic Party (as though that would make a difference) but also described as "a volunteer with several different organizations including the El Paso Democratic Party and she's also a precinct chair."

    It was uploaded on Sept. 21st, and the incident happened in El Paso, Colorado. The exact time it happened seems to be in dispute, but about a month ago seems to be the consensus. The woman who shot it says it took her that long to learn how to block out the canvasser's name.

    The still-unnamed young woman has been described as a volunteer for the Romney campaign AND a paid employee for the Colorado Republican Committee, though she claimed to be working for the El Paso County Clerk's office. She's wearing a "CTR" ring, so she's definitely a Mormon.

    That's all I've got that I can buy 100%.

  3. The county clerk in El Paso county is one Wayne Williams, who happens to be a Mormon (and may or may not hold a bishopric; that part I don't know).