Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Prepare For Your Close-Up, My "Nice" Mormon Friend,...

Awww, how sweet - Mitt's still buddies with everyone involved in the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics bribery scandal:
The ethical indifference these ties reveal are at least as important an insight about the candidate’s character—and his executive moral compass—as the deficit-to-profit games were a measure of his managerial skill.
Nah, come on, like selling worthless supplements to the American people - under a crooked law set up by his Mormon buddy in the Senate - ethics don't mean nothin' to Mitt or his supporters. As long as he's got a Clean Gene IMAGE and the perceived ability to make money - no matter how - who he hangs with, and who got screwed, etc., mean diddley-squat. They'll, all, just make excuses and/or look the other way.

This is what happens when conservative values aren't firmly in place to begin with - and, especially, when the vetting process is left to others: 

 Political desperation allows confused NewAgers to be revealed making lousy choices,...

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