Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anybody Remember What Good Music Sounded Like?

You know, before Taylor Swift hit the radio on constant rotation asking "Why You Gotta be So Mean?" (Answer: Because you're Taylor Swift!) and nothing could break through the internet but novelty songs? When maturity was a virtue, and artists - actual artists -worked to make these newfangled drum machines and samplers breathe, pointing us towards a glorious future that, somehow, never seemed to arrive because (don't ask me how) Kanye West sucked all the air out of it, leaving us with this stale exhalation of an industry that can't find or promote decent new acts to, literally, save it's life?

Anybody remember that? 


 Well, I certainly do,....

(P.S.: Check out Tracy Thorn's hands - WOW - Ann Coulter is NOT alone,...)

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  1. My taste in music is probably not the same as yours (although I'm pretty eclectic)...but yeah, I remember when music was good (or at least you could find it without having to dust off old records or burn CDs of it).
    Visual arts went that way a long time ago; books -- one word: Twilight. The world of horse/dog training? Yeah, even something like that has gone down the tubes (believe it or not, but back in the day, there were people who elevated the task to a freaking art form and it was fabulous to learn from them or just watch them or talk to, it's the Horse Whisperer...yay).

    I feel like I'm a museum keeper, the caretaker of a mausoleum every time I want to do the things that used to give me joy, gave me my sense of "religion". I'm a hillbilly, a denizen of the corn ghetto, but the conditions of my geography and social position do not consign me to a love of dimestore romances, 80s hair cuts, and Trace Adkins (or talk show punditry) -- I'm not alone either, but sometimes it does feel like something is out there trying to force me and mine to be just like that stereotype; kinda sucks.