Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Is The Bullshit That Feminism Has Orchestrated

See, in the old days, this loudmouthed bitch would've been eating that desk so fast she'd have thought she was a woodpecker, but today? This dude has to show total restraint until her silly ass attacks him, only to get thrown to the ground. It's sad, man. Especially because you KNOW he got in trouble for touching her - for not taking the ass-kicking she was determined to dish out - instead of the simple egg salad toss she eventually got. The shit is simply wrong.

 Word to the wise: 

 If you're going to get in trouble anyway, under this system, EARN that shit,...

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  1. That has to be the saddest "fight" I've ever seen. My husband opined that he would have "dotted that +++++'s i" after the finger came out; I concurred; this is why we're probably still together.

    We both know that fights are supposed to be all in, and that there is no such thing as a fair one (which is why manners, civility, and a healthy dose of common sense are important things to try and cultivate).

    The modern world has turned people (men and women) into a bunch of trash talking, stomp rolling, no boundaries, no manners p**** @## chump #$%$#%^^^s -- this does not bode well.