Friday, September 14, 2012

Apocalypse Now (We Simply Can't Talk Them Out Of It)

My goodness. 

I write a post about meeting one of these "End Times" loonies and - lo and behold - Ben Stein sends me an email, saying not only that he's married to one, but almost everyone he runs into is in on it:
Strange day. 
I awakened to a text from a close friend who is a devout Christian and who was so angry at the elite media that she could not sleep. "I am so frikkin' sick of the media telling us that Islam is a 'religion of peace,'" she said. "Look, people make fun of Jesus all of the time and I mean ALL of the time and we don't kill them or harm them. But do anything at all that offends any Muslim and they start killing Christians and Jews -- and then Obama apologizes for it. How long can this go on? The times of Tribulation are at hand." 
I got up, walked out on the deck and looked out at the perfect fall day over Lake Pendoreille. An absolutely perfect Fall day, blue skies, light breeze, just a slight chill in the air. 
At breakfast, my wife suddenly said, "And then I beheld a red horse ridden by a man with a great sword...." 
"What is that?" I asked her. 
"It's Revelation," she said. 
"I know, but where does that come from?" 
"I just feel as if something big is about to happen," she said. "Something feels like we're about to live in a totally changed world. It feels like end times. Why are we apologizing to the Muslims? They're killing and expelling their Christians and we don't say a word. End times." 
I nodded. There is that feeling in the air. 
I got another text from my very devout Christian friend. "Don't tell me Obama isn't a Muslim," she said. "I don't care what he calls himself, he's a Muslim. That's why he's always apologizing to the Muslims." I think she's bit off the mark here. If Obama says he's a Christian, he's a Christian. 
I slept for a long time while listening to Mozart and the trains. Then I went to the mail box and got the latest news from the Obama/Biden campaign -- oops, meant to say, "The New York Times." Naturally, it was filled with rage against Mitt Romney There was very little vitriol against the killers in Libya, but plenty against Gov. Romney. 
I sure hope that the people at the Romney campaign don't read The NY Times. It is just endless propaganda against Republicans. Nonstop. We Republicans should campaign on our own issues. Mr. Obama's idiot foreign policy is such an issue. 
I went off to do my errands in Sandpoint. A visit to a super pleasant post office. A helpful clerk was patient with my terrible handwriting. Then a visit to the Alpine Shop to see my pal, Tim Farmin, who looked happy but told me my boat needed a new battery. Then, a visit to Ivano's to pick up some grub for tonight. 
At Ivano's, I talked to a man who seethed with rage against Mr. Obama. He simply could not believe that Mr. Obama would make time to be among his Hollywood big shots but not make time to see Benjamin Netanyahu. "These are getting to be Biblical days," he said. "The final days." 
A trip to the art framer, then to the drug store, then to the Safeway to buy a cake. The woman in the bakery told me that the days of tribulation and the dictatorship were upon us. She is looking to move to the mountains "to find refuge..." 
"Be careful," I said. "That's what Vicki Weaver was looking for and it didn't work so well. Our refuge is in The Lord."
As usual - even without leaving the house very much - I'm living at the tip of the spear. "Our refuge is in The Lord" - theirs is in Allah - but no one is relying on their 21 Century educations, their critical faculties, or common sense. They're all leaning on the very 1st to 13th Century texts and "beliefs" that instruct them on how to orchestrate their pre-ordained destruction, unable - and unwilling - to see it, or more importantly themselves, as the instruments of their own demise.

Beware, Children - the denizens of The New Dark Ages have hives: 

If you're one of those who knows, save yourselves. 

The fanatics are now out in force,…


  1. EBL,

    You're smart, so I trust you'll take this the way I intend:

    You have GOT to break with this election year partisan thinking.

    "Jay Carney, David Axelrod and Barack Obama" are NOT the ONLY ones blaming Romney for his goof - and it WAS a goof:

    The man simply has a habit for unforced errors.

    The Brits, BTW, are now suing over the fact a public figure can't seem to understand what the words "public figure" mean. Ask Prince Harry if he knows - yet.

    Anyway, you need to see things as they are - it's pretty silly for a cow to be following a horse race - and stay cool:

    The Mormons are getting the keys to the kingdom, so there's still a LOT more drama to come,...

  2. Meanwhile the President has his priorities...

    I am no big fan of Mitt Romney (he was not my first choice). I just think he would be objectively better at president than our current one.

  3. EBL,

    I am no big fan of Mitt Romney (he was not my first choice). I just think he would be objectively better at president than our current one.

    He - alone - is not the issue. He's part of a package. A ruthless, unelected, and patently weird package that's never had this country at heart - which is why they've done so much to differentiate themselves from the rest of us.

    I'm not saying don't kick Obama out - I'm saying don't welcome this collection of nutjobs in with open arms.

    Mitt Romney is a man who has to know he's on notice from Day One,...

  4. EBL, it would be wise to follow the advice, and I'll go one further: for once would conservatives PLEASE read up on Mormon history and their religious doctrines? And PLEASE not from Mormons -- you are suspicious of Muslim taqquiya, heck, conservatives are pretty skeptical of anybody else's religious beliefs/non-beliefs that aren't their individual own -- yet it seems like y'all are more than willing to buy the Mormon thing at nearly face value, because Obama must loose (how about "America must win"?).
    You shouldn't do this; this is how people are conned, this is how strong men come to power -- if it's too good to be true then it likely is, sometimes it's very, very bad.
    And it is the culture that Mitt grew up in, one which he to this day does not rebel from (the reports of calls to SLC to see if things were 'ok'). And that culture is not what it presents itself as.

    At least make him answer to these suspicions and don't let him slither out of it, PLEASE!

    And electing Mitt Romney will not instantly solve the economy, or this foreign crisis, or our domestic problems -- no leader was ever going to do that for us; that has to be from us...this looking for a great leader is unhealthily similar to Germans looking for their heimat...and look what that got them? No, either we learn to do it ourselves (we knew how to at least try in the past) or nothing and less than nothing.

  5. As an ex-communicated Mormon, I'm getting a real kick out of all the "conservatives" that assume Mormonism is on the up and up.

    I'm also getting a tingle up my leg watching civilisation flush itself down the toilet bowl of history. But that's a different issue.

    I've become one of those men who just wants to watch the world burn. Burn baby, burn!