Friday, September 14, 2012

I Thought Eating Your Own Kind Was A Liberal Thing,...

Ha-ha! Poor Patterico finds himself in the position of calling off the rabid dogs in defense of reporter Jan Crawford:
I saw a lot of vitriol yesterday headed Jan’s way that seemed to ignore the history of fairness that I documented above. If I were Jan, I’m not sure I would want to speak out in such an environment.

Weird how that works - and it seems pretty strange to me these supposedly-upstanding conservative types (more than I am anyway) didn't know to behave fairly anyway. Perish the thought that - behind that, oh so civilized, wine-and-cheese party facade - they're just Ann Coulter's "mob" themselves, right? Well, as the old saying goes, "actions speak louder than words," and these fools were shooting first - and not bothering with questions at-all.

I swear, leave it for an election to get the conservative blogosphere publicly fouling itself and revealing (what may be) it's true nature after all. My take:

These people had better straighten up, and get their heads on right, because - if I'm already looking at them askance - their chances of winning over others (who are more like me than them) is just about zilch. And I'm not going to keep doing it forever,...

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  1. I surprised you could not find a Honey Boo Boo angle to this post.