Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More NewAge Betrayal Equals Business As Usual

I'm not convinced by these photos but, if they're real, they could've only been taken by Rielle Hunter's "intuitive" buddy - that would be the astrologer, Bob McGovern, because he booked the rooms and was acting as babysitter while the "parents" got "reacquainted" - which means the expected round-robin of liberal NewAge betrayal continues:

Everyone involved in this is betraying Elizabeth Edwards (Edwards for sex; Hunter for sex, money, and power) McGovern is betraying John and Rielle (for money and infamy), and Andrew Young has betrayed his entire family (for John Edwards.)

And, don't forget, two other astrologer/psychic-types - Margaret Sweet and The Daily Kos's Jerome Armstrong - are mixed up in this as well. (Armstrong printed Hunter's original denial, even though Hunter hadn't even been identified as Edwards's mistress at that time - which sounds mighty guilty.) All of these psychic-types are selling everybody out - which is how that narcissism/relativism/post-modernism, etc., (that I'm always harping on about) works.

Be proud of yourselves, Democrats, the evidence may be there for all to see:

This is your world.

Why is this story taking so long to break? Go ask Andrew Sullivan if NewAge journalists are doing their jobs regarding this election. Sure doesn't sound like it to me. Sounds to me like he's one of them. Barack and Oprah are in. Bill and Hillary are in. Where's the journalism here?

Break the NewAge open, people. It's the key to all of it - the betrayal of our country - and exposing it is the only way to make it stop.

Mark my words.

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