Thursday, October 2, 2008

Liberal Scientists Are Just Covert NewAge Idiots Determined To Destroy Their Own Credibility

"Did you know that "Western medicine" is like the U.S. financial system right now? Mike Adams tells us so,..."

-- Orac, who used to believe in some woo, but now has a problem with this quack's analogy, thinking it's worthy of Respectful Insolence.

"I saw a couple of recent ScienceBlogs posts that got me thinking. The first was Orac's post on the germ-theory-denialism of Robert O. Young,...and the second was on Gene Expression about a study showing conservatives have more fear,...It got me thinking about the alt-health mindset, and why to me it seems similar to the neocon mindset,..."

-- The Perky Skeptic, a former "mystic, devoutly religious Wiccan priestess, alt-med, tarot-card-reading person" who "lived with a constant background radiation of fear", projecting her world-view on others, while making an equally stupid analogy - that Orac not only approves of but suggested others read - as part of The Skeptic's Circle.

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