Friday, March 25, 2011

Lee Stranahan Is Being Mugged By Reality (And My Guess Is He'll Be A Conservative Next Year)

Poor Lee Stranahan. It's gotta be tough.

First, for merely asking the right questions, he gets banned from Markos' scummy astrology website The Daily Kos, and now he's quitting Rosemary's Baby:
I’ll keep this short. As I wrote this morning, writing for the Huffington Post has been one of the great joys of my life for the past few years and I’ve been proud to be associated with them.

But as a writer, this latest move by The Huffington Post of banning Andrew Breitbart from their front page (because of comments he made to a different website) is both unprecedented, arbitrary and deeply offensive to the intellectual openness that Arianna Huffington has purported to believe in.
Oh dear - he's catching on that Arianna's a liar - that can't be good.

For Lee, not Arianna, because the more dirt she commits to, the more everybody seems to want to reward her.

I'm not sure how that works exactly - it goes, totally, against The Law of Quantum Failure (so far) - but, according to Lee, she's still going for the gold:
One very loathsome  aspect of this story is something that Huffington Post editor Roy Sekoff told me in a long phone call about Andrew Breitbart several months ago. Roy knows and worked with Andrew and when the issue of Andrew Breitbart being a racist came up, Roy told me “No, of course Andrew isn’t a racist.”

Roy went on to say that while both he and Arianna Huffington knew that the charges of racism being hurled at Andrew weren’t true based on their years of personal dealings with him that they were in a ‘bad position’ to say anything about it.

Politics is a contact sport, but not defending someone you know personally and know the truth about is pretty poor conduct. To stand by and watch their reputation ruined and do nothing when all you have to do is say ‘I know him and that’s not true” is shameful.
Yeah, how hard is that? You know, to say and do the right thing?

Well, for anybody who knows Arianna's history, the right thing is exactly what she ain't gonna do:
Arianna is also friends with Van Jones so I’d apply the same standard there…and, in fact, Arianna HAS publically defended Van Jones at length. The problem is that defending Breitbart would be much less popular among her liberal friends then defending Jones.
Ahhh yes, and that, as they say in NewAge Gold DiggerLand, is all that truly matters,...


  1. I really like reading your blog, though I'm still trying to keep up the same level of harsh that you do. It wears me out, man.
    You are an inspiration, but an exhausting one.

  2. The phrase "power-mad lying bitch" is overused these days, but if we aren't applying it to Michelle "male hormones" Obama let's flag Huffa with it today.

    The real lesson is this. Old media is dead. Its practices are dead. Its lying shitful agitprop for socialism and every other evil cause will be destroyed.

    Online media, by which I mean bloggers and all other genuine independent reportage will fail in direct proportion to its resemblance to old media. It will fail in direction proportion to its clique mentality, its kissass friendly rivalry with ideological nazis and apologists for magical thinking, and it will fail whenever it aligns itself with Hegelian "political parties" and their control systems masquerading as policy.

    Huff will fall, and Breitbart may well fall, victim of flea bites which by their sheer number may prove fatal.

    Independence is true strength, even if it is more effort.

    30 crusaders once destroyed 14,000 arab aggressors in one long hot afternoon. Better the 30 independents than the 14,000 mindslaves.

    How does it go... "live free or die"?