Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Run, Ryan, Run!!! ( Her Every Word Is A Trap,...)

Think about it, man:

Flash-forward 20 years from now, when she's claiming her best friends have always really been her girlfriends and a gay "guru" (after she and her family demanded you get rid of your buddies because she thought they were losers who interfered with your "earning potential") she and the courts won't let you see your kids, she's blowing another guy, and she's got half your shit!

So what do you do? Let her keep wetting her pants until she joins you in changing the fucking laws of "no fault" divorce - the laws she'll be determined to shackle you with later - and don't fucking go near her until. She's "available", right? Then she, or another moonie, will be available later. If not, then wear a condom, and scram.

Nobody needs this shit.

Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld

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