Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Patriarchy Was Just Ruining Everything,...

Aw, geez. She's married with two kids, a teacher - instructs an anatomy course - and she gets caught in a handicapped zone doing her student in the car. Here, ask me one more time:

Are you ever going to get married again, Crack?

Suuuure. Oh yeah, as soon as humanly-fucking-possible,...

Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld


  1. Hi Crack --

    For some reason Blogger won't allow this to post on the Althouse blog, so I'll try it here ...

    I've mentioned many times that, as far as I know, my wife and her "friend" are still walking free out there after killing three people. Fuck a death threat - is anyone ever going to care about that?

    Crack, I feel for ya.

    One big problem is that good people often refuse to believe that other apparently good people can in fact be deeply evil.

    My old college roommate married a beautiful artist -- runner-up for Miss California. Also, it turned out, a self-centered sociopath. After four years of marriage, her screwing around, drug abuse, and yes, attempted murder were too much for him, and he filed for divorce. Trouble was, by that time they had a two-year-old daughter. She didn't really want the kid, but to spite him ... she accused him of child molestation. He lost custody of the kid. He also lost his job, his life savings, and his reputation. She laughed. After all, beautiful blondes always tell the truth, right?

    A dozen years later she actually admitted in court, under oath, that she'd made it all up.

    Her punishment, by the court and by society, was harsh. It was:

    Absolutely nothing.

  2. And, as Dave Barry likes to say, I am not making this up.

  3. "If you have no open wounds, still have all of your appendages, and jail is not your current abode, then consider this a positive outcome so far."

    Yep - that got me because that's exactly what it's like.

    And that it's going on like this every day - to men - still blows my mind. What have we become?