Thursday, March 17, 2011

If Adults Get Some Taste, I'll Worry About This

Alright - I admit it - like everyone else of a certain age, I heard it, hated it, and then didn't say anything. Why not? For the same reason I didn't blog about Justin Bieber until he spoke out about abortion - it's kid's music. Who cares?

Apparently everybody.

So is it the worst music ever? Hard to say, considering all the adults creaming their jeans over Lady GaGa (GaGa - get it? Kids music!) if anything's lamer than that, well, I haven't seen it lately. I just don't bother myself with nonsense, unless it's significant in some way and, to me, "Friday" just don't cut it. It's bad, yes, but so is most teen music now:

It's the adults who worry me.

Oh, and one other thing:

Did anybody notice Bieber got rid of the bangs? Do I know my shit or what?

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