Friday, March 25, 2011

Remember: Snakes & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Here's a bunch of stuff on the man/woman thing, just so I can get rid of a bunch of stupid photos of women doing what (some) men want. What can I say? It keeps the guys reading and, as long as there's a camera around, (some) women will keep doing stupid shit - because they're "goddesses" - and they deserve it (I always liked that line, except when I didn't):

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it - all men know it:
Men's obsession with size in their nether region may be justified after all. New research indicates size — of a sort — does matter when it comes to male fertility.
I betcha, deep down inside (!) women know it, too.

Why you gotta lie?

Pay attention, Ladies, and stop listening to your girlfriends:
Being a good wife is part of being a good mother. If you’re a terrible wife, you’re not actually being a good mother.
Sorry - no word on what you actually are at that point - but it's not a good mother.

I'll keep looking, though.

This has always been my problem:
Mexico is trying to shed its reputation for machismo - with a Spanish lesson for state workers.

The interior ministry has published a guide for public sector staff on how to avoid using sexist language in the workplace.

Its helpful tips include advising public sector staff not to ask their female colleagues, 'if you want to work, why did you have children?'
And that butterfly tattoo over your ass - why?

It's a job killer!

Naturally, there's this, and a good night out for somebody:
A WOMAN who cried rape after agreeing to sex with a man she met in a pub has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Stacy Ellison, 25, slept with Paul Roberts following a night out in an attempt to make her married lover, 65, jealous.

But when she told him, he became angry and she then claimed she was raped.

Her boyfriend insisted she went to the police and Mr Roberts was arrested, subjected to intimate tests then held in custody overnight.

Ellison, of Chatham, Kent, later withdrew the allegation. She pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

At Maidstone crown court, judge Martin Joy told her: “In cases where people make up in great detail a false allegation of rape, only severe punishment can be expected.”
And all that after getting tied up and eating dog food?

Shit, her old man must be really pissed off now!


  1. I've often wondered what percentage of this generation's twenty something/teenager females have taken and posted nude pics of themselves on the web. Is this just a consequence of "no daddy syndrome"? I can see how the over-sexualization of the culture MIGHT contribute to this, but there has to be something bigger going on here.

    Love the blog by the way. Found it through Althouse I think.

  2. It's kind of amusing to think about when these "girls gone wild" get into their mid thirties and have kids and will (if they have a shard of sense anywhere in their heads) be hoping like crazy that their kids never, ever discover what they did when they were 20. I consider myself fortunate that the only nude pictures of me that exist are either art nudes or that picture of me hanging a moon. While it may be a little embarrassing to have my kid discover such pictures, it's nowhere near as horrific as having your kid discover that you were behaving like a cheap slut--not to put too fine a point on it.

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