Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Crack Emcee: "Talkin' To You" & "Lies"!!!

Wow - I got some donations today! - so, as a major "Thank You!", here are two more original songs by The Crack Emcee available for free download! (If you choose to donate, please know it's going to get me back out there, so I can "fight the bad guys" in person.)

Also - because I don't want anyone to think you get nothing for your money around here - click on this same photo seen above (but the one located to the lower right of the blog →→ →) and you will be transported to Soundcloud, where you'll find my earlier uploads of Pop, Rock, Rap, Jazz, Electronic, and Live performances. Here's today's songs:

"Talkin' To You" - a little commercial Pop Rock tune (with a Ska feel). I've always liked it because A) it's not the kind of song anyone would expect out of me, and B) it's powerful, uplifting, and happy - I hope you like it, too:

Talkin' To You by The Crack Emcee

"Lies" - a Blues-based Rock song, with an explosive ending that still impresses me. Because we recorded the parts separately (Bass and Drums, first, guitars second, etc.) we didn't count it out correctly, and were forced to improvise, which we did - masterfully:

Lies by The Crack Emcee

Now that's two more goodies! (Oh, man, I love you guys!) Next up:

Experiments and unreleased demos!

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