Monday, March 21, 2011

Casey Heynes: Delivering The Lesson For Us All

Yeah, like it's just kids. This blog's name is hated by many, but what they don't understand is it's called The Macho RESPONSE - not The Bully Boy Blog or The Asshole Corner. It's an answer to the nonsense people dish out - especially NewAgers, those people everyone seems to want to give a pass in life because they come off as so "charming" (when they're nothing of the kind) or benefitting their supporters, which leaves them free to kill and cause trouble.

You'll notice what Casey says about his "friends" when he got attacked - they deserted him - and they probably joined the rest of the abusers out there. I've told the adult version of this story too many times and in too many ways, here, but, if you check the comments, you'll see they've got many ways to continue the abuse, claiming it's not attractive, or a "pity party" or anything but to say "What can we do to help?"

My life has been destroyed by murderers and I still can't understand the rationalizations people come up with to excuse that. Even when I hand them the guy responsible. (And it's been years now. You'll notice that when Ann Althouse got a threatening note - I repeat: a threatening note - from a wimp, it made almost every online media outlet that's ever heard her name - like a lone black guy isn't more exposed and vulnerable than a popular law professor.) And then they expect me to always be nice. What have I gotten from the very start? I get Oh, get over it. Be a man. There must be a reason. And the one I hate the most, "move on".

Could you "move on" from murder?

At some point, we've all got to ask ourselves if our lives on this planet are going to be something we're proud of, or just a clusterfuck that leaves some scarred and others laughing. If it's the latter, then don't complain about the title of this blog, because I'm not backing down. There are massive wrongs going on in this world, and if you're going to stand on the sidelines as it happens, then fuck you:

I've got The Macho Response.


  1. I had not heard of this. My son has recently been bullied and he reacted with a punch. Hopefully his bully is learning the same lesson as Ritchard.

  2. That kind of betrayal from friends can definitely alter something inside. But time reveals the people in your life of character. Sometimes the ones you don't expect to be loyal turn out the most solid.
    I've seen it in youth and as an adult, from inside looking out, and outside looking in.
    I watched as the law didn't even charge a guy who shot a friend in the back of the head. Unarmed. The thug claimed self defense. Mob connection and either he wasted the wrong guy or was getting at a relative.
    Law enforcement is bullshit. Usually harassing the wrong people. The screw with anyone perceived not to have power(money). It ain't confined to one race