Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Is Exactly What's Wrong With America Now

About two weeks ago, there was a story in the news about a woman who was blocking a parking spot from a guy, so he got out and clocked her ass and now she's in a coma. He didn't mean to put her in a coma, but (as guys will) he reacted to someone doing something unfair, and now everyone wants to treat him like he's the bad guy. That was wrong - a total perversion of justice.

Now, here comes a video of two disgustingly racist cows, dominating a New York City subway train. Notice how fast one threatens to bust a guy in the mouth? That guy could put her in a coma, but everyone knows she's protected by unfair laws that allow her to act the fool, with no consequence. So what is the man forced to do? Nothing, because the law would come down on him like a hammer if he did - when that bitch deserves a beat down, and even needs one, so she'll learn respect for others. (He's still a punk for letting her do it - neither I, or any of my buddies would, and women know it.) Notice how another man, an even more defiant one, sounds like he had his nads removed? (What is up with that in men today?) Notice how the words "I don't care" are seen as a license to do anything? Notice how you want to throw up when one of the "women" screams "Eat my fucking pussy"?

This is a perfect example of the bullshit dynamic that feminism has created in America and it's time for such bullshit to end. Change the laws, or put 'em all in comas if we have to but, like the idea of America allowing itself to be dominated by a much smaller and wrong-headed country - or call it the "Casey The Punisher" dynamic - the idea that men should have to restrain themselves, to put up with crap from women, is over.

Everybody thinks they can kick our ass now, and that's a baldfaced lie.

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