Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama Is Our Religious Bullwinkle: "No Doubt About It - I Got To Get Me Another Black!!!"

"In the 2000 campaign George W. Bush spoke once at Bob Jones University; it was an event used to bludgeon Bush with for the rest of the campaign and into his presidency. And, of course, Bush did not attend Bob Jones University, financially support it, or consider Bob Jones to be his spiritual mentor or close friend for 25 years. Yet these things mattered not at all. Bush spoke at Bob Jones University — and so to many in the press, he was joined at the hip with it. The association between Reverend Wright and Senator Obama is far deeper in every respect."

- Peter Wehner, pointing out the effectiveness of Left-wing hypocrisy and media-saturated cultural brainwashing (the president is a racist, and Obama is clean, right?) while writing for the National Review Online [Underlined emphasis TMR's]

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