Thursday, March 27, 2008

Listen Up, Ladies: Put Hillary In Charge And Your Ass Is Grass (Just Ask Monica Lewinsky)

When bullies are women, they choose other women as their prey in 71% of cases. Bullying, or status-blind harassment, is four times more prevalent than illegal, civil rights, status-based harassment. Same-gender harassment defines the two most frequent categories of bullying.

- From a recent Zogby Poll on workplace bullying

What's that you say? "Oh, the world would be such a better place with women in charge"? Sure the world would be a better place with women in charge: men could watch the cat fights all day (I like the hair-pulling myself.) It would be just one big ol' "cult of the mean girl". And - hey - you'd be in charge. So men wouldn't have to pull you apart, going, "Ladies, ladies,..."

And, then, just let a guy you all like walk in,....

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