Monday, March 17, 2008

A Monday Morning Hit-And-Run

Oh man,

I found another Clinton/NewAge connection in a story about Toronto's Mining Convention two weeks ago: The guest list for Billary's pal, Frank Giustra, featured Bill, Tom Cruise, and John Travolta. Very cozy. My eyes almost popped out.

The NYT has this bizarre column (once again discussing the Spitzer story) that seems to be designed to push Democrats into the feminist column. I mean, they don't talk to one Republican in the whole thing, as they declare "the politics of the last few months have certainly opened a spigot on the question of where exactly society stands on gender matters."

No, you busy bodies, it opened a spigot on where Democrats stand - or, at least, on what planet. I'm saying Venus - yea, even the guys. Head to Mars, you idiots! Mars!

The Spitzer story made a lot of people think of the Mcgreevey scandal but now there's a new kinky twist in it: Jim McGreevey's driver said he was having three-ways with the couple. Considering a previous post of mine, here's what I see as the money quote (no pun intended):

"I'd go to the condo, and usually they'd still be in bed," [the driver] said. "I'd sometimes go up, sit on the edge of the bed, rub Dina's legs through the comforter and go from there. Saturdays were a lot more low-key. Things hit their peak before the marriage. Afterward, there was this sort of soft landing, and it eventually tapered off and ended."

Asked why it stopped, [the driver said], "In my mind, I figured, 'Dina's married. She doesn't have to play into it anymore.'

"She sealed the deal, she got what she wanted, the nice life, the governor's mansion, and she would do everything in her power to keep it."

Contrary to all this "the world would be a better place with women in charge" crap, it's obvious some women are ruthless with power - especially over the weak. That's what Melanie Phillips is saying as well, in a column on the "lifestyle choice" such women have made for their kids. All these women I'm mentioning do have kids, y'know. Kids who will never be able to lift their heads in public because their moms decided to be NewAge freaks of nature. Or the kids wound up dead. Same thing.

But they - women - are the ones who mostly buy into this stuff. And, bull-headedly, they're determined that nobody's going to tell them what to do (as they allow these losers to tell them what to do) dragging our whole society down with them. Here's a final quote, from a column on cultism that says it all - click on the links to see a few connections with ideas I've voiced/promoted previously:

"The wish to do good is no longer enough; the serious possibility that you do harm also must be a consideration.

"Our modern community and church-based organisations do have to have a separation of church and state - they do not proselytise religion, it is not part of their professional practice. Prayer is not a medical treatment."

Any program that discouraged individual autonomy and encouraged a reliance on an organisation was dangerous, Professor Hickie said. "We are dealing with very vulnerable people and therefore the exploitation of those people and the exposure of these people to religious, political and social views has long been considered completely inappropriate.

"This cult-like behaviour has been demonstrated time and again to be counter-therapeutic, to do harm, because it makes the person less able to cope in the world, whereas the goal of all psychological therapies is to make it easier to cope in the world."

As the NewAgers like to say:

"It's all connected!!!"

Yea, it's also connected to madness.

Later, y'all.

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