Monday, March 24, 2008

Hit Back, Billy

At Woodland Junior High School, some boys in a wood shop class goaded a bigger boy into believing that Billy had been talking trash about his mother. Billy, busy building a miniature house, didn’t see it coming: the boy hit him so hard in the left cheek that he briefly lost consciousness.

Ms. Wolfe remembers the family dentist sewing up the inside of Billy’s cheek, and a school official refusing to call the police, saying it looked like Billy got what he deserved. Most of all, she remembers the sight of her son.

“He kept spitting blood out,” she says, the memory strong enough still to break her voice.

By now Billy feared school. Sometimes he was doubled over with stress, asking his parents why. But it kept on coming.

So one day Billy walked into wood shop, picked up a two-by-four, and whacked the fuck out the kid that hit him. And then he hit the teacher with it - right in the face - as well as any other kid that came near him. He even got that school official one day when he wasn't looking. Word started spreading that Billy was "crazy".

He also started working out; took up track, and boxing, so he could build up his endurance. He watched Bruce Lee movies, and started developing fast hands. Eventually nobody could hit as hard, or as quick, as Billy,....
-- The last two paragraphs are what's missing from a stupid New York Times article on Billy Wolfe (above) a 16 year old boy attending Woodland Junior High School, in Fayetteville, Ark., who is being bullied.

Hit back, Billy.

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