Monday, March 24, 2008

The Face Of Our King

Uh Oh - an actual journalist is on the Moonie cult case,...and (almost) everyone's guilty now.

"Sex is centered on God" Rev. Moon says. That's the NewAge message too. No one - Left or Right - has escaped it. I see NewAge in churches, on TV, and almost everywhere I go and in almost everything I see. Liberals are more guilty of it than conservatives. Rev. Moon is NewAge, but so is Paris Hilton, and Madonna, and Whole Foods, and Al Gore's environmentalist movement. It's the fuel of religious belief today.

And you're all losers for falling under it's spell.


  1. After South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond helped Moon enter the United States in 1971, conservatives welcomed the reverend as an ally with ties to the World Anti-Communist League, a far-right international group with connections to Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, South Korea, and the CIA. His sermons called communism “satanic.” His official biography told of how Moon, a cleric tortured in one of Kim Il-Sung's prison camps, had been rescued at the brink of death by the American-led invasion at Inchon. He would be forever in America's debt.

    Such public pronouncements charmed his conservative American sponsors. But to his disciples, Moon preached that America's constitutional system of government should and will collapse. “[W]e must have an automatic theocracy to rule the world,” he explained in a 1973 tract titled Master Speaks. “So we cannot separate the political field from the religious.”

    Moon's Republican friends, however, seemed unwilling to look beyond the master's slavish displays of patriotism, including “God Loves Richard Nixon” demonstrations on the Capitol steps during the Watergate hearings and a “Bicentennial God Bless America” stadium rally, in which his disciples marched in Revolutionary War costumes. The leadership conferences sponsored by his CAUSA organization sought to unite Latin American fascists -- including the junta that came to power in Bolivia's 1980 “cocaine coup” -- behind a single platform, calling for a new, faith-driven form of government as a sword against communism.

    He was scarcely slowed by his 1982 federal conviction on charges of tax fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice, which led to his imprisonment for 13 months. His loyal allies, including Moral Majority founder Tim LaHaye, who later co-authored the Left Behind series, decried his prison sentence as religious and racial persecution.

    By the late '80s, Moon's front groups and activists were too deeply intertwined with The Heritage Foundation and Washington's other leading right-wing groups to be dislodged. Having cemented relations with the likes of Jerry Falwell, funded promotion of the “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative program, and footed part of the bill for the Contra death squads, he had also carved out a new niche as the VIP behind the Reagan and Bush administrations' favorite daily newspaper -- an identity that has long outlasted memories of his criminal rap.

    To Moon, his daily newspaper serves as a crucial instrument of propaganda and intelligence. “With The Washington Times at the core, we are establishing preeminence in the American print media,” he once said. “By doing so, we can include all fields of intelligence. Today we [are] continually gaining important confidential information, not only from America but also from other governments all over the world.”

  2. Gee, anon you could have at least given the link to the writing you posted.

    Check out the new the video from the author of the article.