Friday, March 14, 2008

The Word Is Getting Out: Oprah Winfrey Is The World's Most Popular, Stuck-Up, Selfish, Man-Hating, Cult Leader In The History Of TV

Lewis Black's got this new comedy show called The Root of All Evil and the first episode asks the question: Who's more evil - Oprah or the Catholic Church?

Listen to the description of Oprah given here - it's remarkably like the one I've been promoting. Unfortunately, Part 3 of this debate can only be seen here, but it's worth clicking the link to do so because they catch her in another of her big ol' lies. BTW, Oprah ends up beating the Catholic Church in the evil debate - even after the Catholic boy fucking is included in the charges - I told you she's really bad,...

I don't know who this guy is, but he looks kinda like my friend, Phil, and (like Phil) he made me laugh. Check him out.

And this guy speaks the unspoken truth: Oprah hates men. The Macho Response would be totally irresponsible not to include this clip in it's continuing coverage of (and participation in) the dismantling of The Cult of Oprah.

Is this a great day or what?

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