Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well, Science Doesn't Know Everything (Part I)

I hear it all the time: "Well, science doesn't know everything,..". They say it like science is a bald-headed step-child compared to whatever goofy belief they're defending. So I think, from time-to-time, I'm going to remind these fools of what science does know - like space travel (above) or how to put a person to sleep, cut them open, fiddle around inside them, and wake them up again. What it allows us to see in the very small, as well as the very large; and whatever else people with NewAge beliefs think they can pooh-pooh because their outlook is so limited, and malthusian, they can't imagine anything better than what it allows.

By the way, you morons, if you're looking at this on a computer: science.

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