Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tripping Requires You Carry Baggage

"Rather than account for his relationship with a hate-monger, Obama will enlighten you, as your teacher, why you are either confused or too ill-intended to ask him to disassociate himself from Wright."

- Victor Davis Hanson, writing for the National Review Online (yes, again) on Barack Obama's religious difficulties.

The link (on the "confused or too ill-intended" section) is the most important part of this post - click it and read it: it's short - and the NewAge strategy behind Barack's speech will become clear.

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  1. If my grandmother and my pastor spewed the shit that Obama heard, there would be changes in those relationships. I would leave that church and find another pastor, and as an adult, my grandmother would not be allowed around my kids until she straightened out. It really is a no brainer. My wife liked the Obama speech, yet she agreed with our taking the above personal stance. hmmm? Why would I hold my President to such a low standard? McCain denounced the crap that came out of that Texas pastor's mouth. He didn't retionalize it as 'understandable'. It wasn't a long speech and he didn't try to 'teach' us anything about our 'injured inner selves'.

    I am going to China tomorrow so I am going to try and create my own fuckin' reality on this 13 hour flight, but once I land - I'll be doing things China's way, bet on that!