Friday, March 14, 2008

When Your Best Just Isn't Good Enough

James Randi got a letter from Gábor Hraskó, Executive President of the Hungarian Skeptic Society, about why a major test of homeopathy in Greece was halted. You can read it here, but I thought it would be useful just to list some of his comments:

They are real doctors so, was quite frightening that they had no clue about pharmaceutical tests at all.

They made the usual claims that their duty was healing and not testing.

They did not dare to reveal very much.

Their repertoire consist of more than 1000 remedies,..and only some 300 of them are currently registered with the authorities in Hungary. It means that their prescription method is – well – at least in the grey zone if not totally illegal.

They have no clue about the ethical norms of normal drug testing.

They do not trust anyone.

Mr. Hraskó adds this:

"I know Mr. Randi said for years that homeopaths will never finally agree on such a test, and I think it is time to close this project,..but I am rather sad. You put a lot of energy into it, and during the last stages, I also tried my best."

Yea, whoo-boy, haven't we all,...

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