Sunday, March 23, 2008

Any Ol' Connection Will Do For "Psychic" Nuts (Because The Resemblance, Here, Is Amazing)

Singer/songwriter Josh Ritter was once offered comforting words from the afterlife by a psychic who wrongly assumed he was the son of late actor John Ritter.

The folk star is regularly linked with the tragic TV star, who died suddenly from heart failure in 2003, because they share the same surname.

Ritter accepts the link is something he'll always be forced to deny, but he was left dumbstruck when a clairvoyant approached him to reassure him his dead 'dad' is proud of him.

He says, "People always assume he's my dad. I did a show in Philadelphia and there was this guy who said he was a psychic and who came with the express intention of telling me how John Ritter was doing in the afterlife.

"He said, 'I want you to know your dad is very happy where he is, he's very proud.' He was so serious I didn't want to spoil his moment. Then I called my dad and had a laugh about it."

- PR-Inside

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