Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Ultimate Betrayal

I was just reading an article in the NYT on the Spitzer scandal, and it's specifically about wives wondering if their husband's have cheated, when, to me, it should be about "spouses" who live with that dread, or have experienced it. And, yea, I have a whole file on the on the subject, filled with crazy stories of women doing the most heinous things to their dedicated husbands. Or even weirder, more unsettling, occurrences.

Once someone has been plunged into this aspect of life - especially the legal part - people who haven't had to deal with it appear naive, while those who have been there can seem crazy. I get that. But the truth is (as I see it) we live in a feminized culture - not in all things but it's there - and to deny that it can tip too far, one way or the other, does a disservice to the idea of equality that, I think, we all desire.

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